Friday, December 2, 2016

Matt Levine min-rages about banker bot

What about the real traders, the folks who know this stuff, he asks:
People still read Graham and Dodd! [The standard inverstment text] People still invest by trying to understand the workings of the stock market, the economic fundamentals of an industry, the competitive position of a company. Doesn't that seem like it should work? And then you have the scientists who don't even know what asset class they're looking at. The scientists seem to be ascendant these days. What will happen to the understanders? Will the astrophysicists end up running the whole financial world? Will they think of Graham-and-Dodd fundamental investing the way they think of astrology now? It is a pretty story that has captured the imagination of many people for so much of history, but perhaps modern science will just expose it as superstition and wipe it away.
Bots, that is who will be reading the Graham and Dodd text, with the help of human traders.
The knowledge in that text becomes operational python software snippets, and the bot sits at the ready, next to the trading pit, and on time, The bot will  grab info from the trading graph, do some Graham and Dodd estimations, then drop a bid/ask into the pit. The pit boss crunches the bid/ask pairs to balance the graph, Win or lose depending who read Graham and Dodd more carefully.

If your aim was to get astrophysicists to read Graham and Dodd, you succeeded.

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