Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More news on trading pits

As an aside, let me mention, does this blog cause changes in the fintech industry?
No, what happens is journalists get clues, then they reveal related stuff about Fintech that may have something to do with this blog. I always remind myself and others,  I catch hints from the pros, that is my job, and I might guess their next publication.  But I can just blog, and mis-spell, and beat them  in the sequence. Journalists have figure that out.

But, what I here, on public news from various sources.  There is a hedge fund that runs purchased python snippets as a run time trader bot.  This hedge funds runs a produced snippet off line and on line; then it selects the best ones and pay bitcoin to the producer, anonymously.

Like, wow, my bulbs went off.  Combine this with NASDAQ shipping the current 'order book'
off to Europe in real time. All these parties and getting the concept of distributing the book peeking according to known queuing rules.  All trader are equally uncertain of the current book shape.  But the pit boss, they know it tries its best, fairly.

We are getting trading pits, real soon, they are so essential to all that is happening in network trading, the trading pit is the only congestion regulator we need.  But, all parties need to be aware, the pit only works because it compresses prices, everyone realize that uncertainty goes right up to the final deal, and gets pushed onto price, it is irreversible, literally.  The pits only remember relevant trades to some finite  sequence.

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