Thursday, December 29, 2016

My loudspeaker reports me to the police, my TV sends me a bill

Slate: On Christmas day, a family member of software developer Darren Cauthon received an unwelcome gift. According to Cauthon, that person “downloaded an app to watch a movie” on his or her LG smart TV, and the device froze soon after. When it rebooted, it was stuck on a screen purporting to show a letter from the desk of FBI Director James Comey, one claiming in subgrammatical English that the device had been locked up for “your attendance of the forbidden pornographic sites.” To make good, the letter warned, the device’s owner would have to pay a $500 fine.

How is this progress? Amazon sells a loudspeaker, it will make noise and report you to the cops. A miracle of innovation.  Redneck technologies now offers the passive, paper loudspeaker, guaranteed not to report you to the police, price, $1000.  And, finally, Redneck offers a new technology TV, it show you a movie, but the utility company sends you the electric bill. You too can have technology, the way it used to work before the advent of flying car kids.

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