Friday, December 2, 2016

No discernable effect?

Sandra Black, Jason Furman, Laura Giuliano, Wilson Powell found no discernable influence on minimum wage hikes across states and districts.

This column examines the impact of the more recent state increases on wages, weekly earnings, and employment among workers in the low-wage leisure and hospitality Industry. 

Except their last chart which shows that no discernable difference means that states with higher minimum wages consistently have less employment,  the yellow line consistently below the blue line.

The problem, of course,  the stats are dominated by California and New York, making this an immediate fraud.  California and New York always have fewer jobs for the poor, they always have the poor priced out of the market, as the chart shows.

This research is good enough to fool a UC Berkeley or MIT professor, but Rednecks catch this crap all the time.

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