Friday, December 30, 2016

Nudging the teenagers with smart card

Follow the amber road, mostly, and any teenager can invest in penny stocks that track Buffet, almost.  The kid has to know his way around a basic web site with icons for investing.

Otherwise, this is a card that puts the kid inside the sandbox, and it intelligently taps with price beacons, on screen or off. The incentive, every time, is to get a goodie coming down the trail, and the better one taps and watches the light, the more goodies.  Simple possession of the card by an intelligent tapper would realize $150 in goodies per year, with no other auto trades needed.  The kids valuer producing taps for the bots is easily $`150, the bots get a very goo good relative measure of coherence, makes it easier to move goodies at thew smart contract level.

So, for someone like CardLogix, just take 7 billion times a $50 price, every three years for replacement. It is only a hundred billion/year, some what smaller then the trading pit market.

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