Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pizza delivery is maximum entropy

The way I see it.
Pizza delivery is an optimum food delivery, a low mileage two door cat, running a half mile radius.  The delivery sequence simple;  is a grab the pizza, open the car door, walk it up for hand off.  About the simplest food delivery ever invented, can't be beat.

There will always be a class of pizza lover just for this reason, efficient, cheap delivery.
If the millennials want to beat the pizza, they have to re-design the delivery, keep the human, that's OK.  But for food delivery to work, you need an equivalent class of consumer who wants some typical dinner delivered in a mostly square box. Then, add just enough gadgetry to the truck so the number of steps with that box competes with the pizza fellow. With the additional gadgetry, the box can be made bigger, like a grocery box.  But the gadgets help produce just the correct box to the driver has he steps out his door, just like the pizza guy. Get a geek, make the truck; then run a mass production line in a closed grocer warehouse.

Let's finish the business plan
Once you have the truck and grocery warehouse, then you apply the IoT; put price beacons one each delivery box.  Once the on line order is complete, a price beacon is applied to a box, and each point in assembly can gain access to your order for fulfillment.  The truck innards track your box, as does GPS, and the flow is designed to minimize he number of hops everywhere.  Once delivered, grab the price beacon, the customer keeps the box.

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