Thursday, December 29, 2016

Putin, you prey on the ignorance of Republican Communist Idiots

Consortium News: Putin accused unnamed countries — obviously led by the United States — of “nullifying” international agreements on missile defense “in an effort to gain unilateral advantages.”Moscow has reacted to this perceived threat with more than mere words. It is developing new and deadlier nuclear missiles, including the SS-30, to counter U.S. defenses. It has rebuffed new arms control negotiations. And it has provocatively stationed nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad to “target . . . the facilities that . . . start posing a threat to us,” as Putin put it last month.If a new arms race is underway, it’s not for lack of warning. The Russians have voiced their concerns about missile defenses for years and years, without any serious acknowledgment from Washington. From their vantage point, the apparent bad faith of successive U.S. administrations, Democratic as well as Republican, is a flashing red light to which they had to respond.
Here, I am the expert.  

The Ruskies, and Putin have known that strategic missile defense never works, it is easily defeated and is a huge financial dis-advantage for the boneheads who pursue.  Putin, you been faking it, you want bonehead Americans hicks to spend hundreds of billion per year because your scientists told you it is easily defeated with a few hundred million in decoys plus clutter. 

The whole concept came from an old, feeble brain damaged president, who never passed a physics class.  Ever since, the dimwits types, like NRO, have been suckered into the Russian scam.

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