Sunday, December 11, 2016

Regulaion happens at the Smart Contract level

We have an alarmist headline, but the discussion in this post is well covered.  

Regulation, when the contracts are gamed.  These contracts result from fulfillment requests coming out of the pits.  Once the fulfillment is issued, then something has to move mass, the pace drops orders of magnitude, and the regulator bots have plenty of time to snoop around and see if goods are 'piling up'.  

Prior to a any compressed bet resulting in fulfillment; before that point; its all blindingly fast and honest.  The regulator can run the graph, just like any other bot, but there is no time for lawyer bot, they come later. 

Smart Card knows about bankruptcy (as an auction) , and cooperates on security exchanges and verifications or consistency report. But Smart Card talks security, no regulation.  There are no mandatory government codes in the card or the pits.

Smart Contract Issues Set Off 'Alarm Bells', Says US Regulator

Regulators will not be late to the game if they understand the segmentation.  
Code verification, cyber cops, regulation consistency, and eventually government selling tax relief on a price elastic basis.  All of this will come quickly once we understand the pure cash concept.

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