Monday, December 12, 2016

Robert Reich, UC Professional liar

He says: We’ve had an experiment going on here in the United States that provides an answer. At the one end of the scale are Kansas and Texas, with among the nation’s lowest taxes, least regulations and lowest wages. At the other end is California, featuring among the nation’s highest taxes, especially on the wealthy; lots of regulations, particularly when it comes to the environment; and high wages.

Here is the chart, and we see California a boom and bust state that under performs on employment.  I might also note that both New York and California are high up on the going bankrupt list, mostly bankrupt because of the California legislature.

So, Robert, besides pointing out that you ate a chronic liar and should not be in the classroom, I also note, that is California's bankruptcy was  caused by horrible economics from none other than US Berzekley.

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