Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Simple solution to Bitcoin micro change

The problem is making a tradeable fractional bit coin without and leave the current block chain as it is, (with the trading pit for verification services).  So, current block chain is priced, and stable for indefinite future,

So, some entity offers up 100 coins to fund an S&L, and buys and sells tenth Bitcoin chunks.  All valid, all simple in an honest, secure sand box.

import tradingpit as Pit
Pit.boss =S&L
Pit.coin = BTCTenth

 Then the core Bitcoin team has the simpler job of finding agreed formula for collection of tenth BTC over the group of S&L pits. This is a separae auto trade function.

What do we need? We got it. All the components, in fact, I bet core Bitcoin has much of this on the white board as I speak.

Pricing, micro pricing. the universal network unjammer.

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