Friday, December 30, 2016

Smart card promises a billion dollar revival of the music industry

Smart card user taps  on artist web site. Peer to peer, transaction costs assumed zero, better security than gold. No third party middle man.

Well, we went over this when we used trading pit to buy our text back from Zuckerberg. The internet middle layer drops, except for smart contracts. The bot concepty an be erxtended yo intelligent texty, semantic networks.  We can buy a bot at Zuckerberg's computer, if it meets his smoothness criteria, we can just run our bot on his machine.  Thaty bot ewill tyakre sany semantic graph and present it on your screen, Zuckerberg need not bother, we can just deposit hordes of digits into his account. He and I can hang out at the beach, I get humongous checks for no apparent reason.

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