Friday, December 30, 2016

Sounds like pure cash to me

Billionaire investor claims expertise in finding the next big thing:

“Look at edgy products,” said Fertitta. “There are so many young millennial entrepreneurs out there right now coming up with different products…. You’re looking for somebody that can scale up, that has a unique product that people want. It can be anything. Being in casinos, restaurants, hotels, aquariums and amusement parks, we buy everything, so we’re just looking for that one unique product.”

Well, he should be looking for a company that manages keys for pure cash, then maybe buy a hardware wallet vendor, and of course, pure cash cannot happen without the trading pit.  Unfortunately, no one wants to go before this guy and make a three color, as pure cash likes to have bit error go to zero. So, he may be out of luck, in fact, if pure cash is successful, he may lose a chunk of his wealth.

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