Friday, December 2, 2016

Swamp education

The issue is Trump's education plan and the writers at AEI take it up. 
Andy Smerick on Uncle Sam and education: The second concern is even bigger. An explicit, comprehensive philosophy of governing is extraordinarily important any time we invite Uncle Sam into our schools. That is, absent a clearly articulated view about the federal government’s strengths and weakness, what it should and shouldn’t do, and how it ought to interact with families, schools, districts, and states, an administration is asking for trouble

There, I stopped here at this paragraph, this is the problem in California, we stupidly invited the Swamp into this huge complex education system and got 15 years, and likely more, of volatility. California teachers did this stupid thing, while staring right at the beast and giggling.  It is the contradiction, how can California elementary school teachers be so collectively dumb?

Then to make matters worse, they repeat the same cycle with  medical care! We are just starting our 15 years of volatility and huge unnecessary costs in California.  We have a name your idiot legislature, Jerry, that name is volatility and it means you are one stupid globally warming friggen nut.

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