Monday, December 26, 2016

Take the California rule, for example

In a clearly dated employment contract, the pension terms are clearly spelled out.  Then suddenly the California rule appear, the pension contract is now an undated permanent contract,it lasts forever..

Why? Likely because of not addressing partially vested pension issue in their contracts. Union idiots  fucked that up no doubt, and it was easier for courts to adopt thew California rule than explain contracts to barely literate teachers.

But, the California rule is clearly a Due Process violation. It is  denial of elected officials to negotiate time limited contracts, an impossible imposition a clear Due Process violation, not even the 14th mandy pansy version, the original version, basic right to vote, gone, poof.

However, that is how we do it in California, we never done it differently, this goes back 200 years. And if you give us little brown people our rights, we will immediately give up our rights to whatever 'God' appears in almost human form.

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