Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Teechan, another improvement on bitcoin markets

Here is an excerpt from Teechan.  Teechan is the idea of freely trading slices of bitcoin in a rusted environment.  In this case two parties set up a trusted environment using Intel SGX technology.

But, nothing here requires just two traders, in the truted environment, traders can share a public key and each a private key to verify their accounts, the  they are free to trade in the environment, as long as their bot are contained and well behaved.  But if the hardware supports protected  keys, then the environment supports protected, trusted bots.

Hence, trading bit coins is much easier, drop a bit coin in the collection of pits, then withdraw the equivalent deposit to cash in.  The only net trade in the bitcoin chain are the net losses or gains the various bitcoin betters made in the pits.

Bitcoin Mag: Teechan, which stands for Trusted Execution Environment Channel, is a new payment channel protocol. Like Bitcoin itself, the solution is based on open-source software: transparent and verifiable by anyone.
But to ensure that Alice or Bob can broadcast the latest channel state and onlythe latest channel state, Teechan leverages “trusted execution environments” (TEEs). TEEs are secure hardware components included in Intel CPUs with Software Guard Extensions (SGX); many new computers have them. (See full list here.)
“With SGX TEEs, no one can ‘look inside’ to see what’s going on. Unencrypted data never leaves the chip, and so not even the owner of a computer with an SGX can observe what these chips are doing; they only see the end result,” Eyal explained.
But the endpoint solution is upon us

If I click over to the SGX site, it will list the supporting processors, and we can just assume the telephone processors ate in that list.  Almost certainly the hardware wallets are adopting SGX. So, we have many options for sharing public keys because humans can't observe inside the pit network. I see the scale problem sort of evaporate, but we still need the pits, preferably Redneck systems, they make the best.

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