Thursday, December 8, 2016

Texans stop worldwide catastrophe

Zero Hedge has the details:
The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System's Board of Trustees suspended lump-sum withdrawals from the pension fund Thursday, staving off a possible restraining order and stopping $154 million in withdrawal requests. The system was set to pay out the weekly requests Friday. Pension officials said allowing the withdrawals would leave them without the liquid reserves required to sustain $2.1 billion fund.
Now, consider, the entire globe has been carried by Texas and China, most of the recovery.  A little Germany and UK, but Japan is dead in the water.  So, suddenly, Texas turns up 20 billion short when the goodie queue is forming, not a good sign.

 So these good soldiers have their thumb in the dike.   One more round the tree and DaBlowsio plus Rahm will be sneaking in line. Watch this guy, Eric Garcetti, from LA.  How are they going to do it, they must be plotting something.

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