Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Chronicle gets it right

SF Chronicle: “A state appeals court in San Francisco ruled in a Marin County case in August that the new laws could be applied to current employees — a potentially major setback for the workers and their unions, and a victory for local governments

Analysts havr failed to understand the issue.  Are local government allowed to make any law that restructures employment contracts with its workers?   If the mayor of Fresno offers me a two year contract, then under current law,that contract automatically becomes an infinitely renewable contract, what is on the printed page is immaterial, there is no time limit in public sector employment contracts.

This is very basic law.  Cities are either under dictatorial control of the unions or they are not.  Federal law is gone, states rights, Obama and Sotomayor removed any federal legal basis.

So, on what basis can the California courts rule? Only  one, Franciscan anarchy.  the court is empowered with divine law,  Whatever they rule, just the fact they ruled at all, is a declaration of freedom to nullify anywhere and everywhere in California/  Jerry Brown created permanent anarchy when he signed the Dills Act; he effectively turned California unions into dictatorial divinities, freeing us all from then law.

Put in other words

The Dills Act specifies that the Court must rule in favor of their own personal pension,it is a direct order by the Dills Act, the law is very specific.

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