Friday, December 2, 2016

The number to watch for a while

Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 95.1 Million: Jump By 446,000 In One Month

From ZeroHedge.  We are looking for any massive and sudden retirement in a huge chunk.  For example, the older plastic liberal teachers in California, they will likely freak about Trump and suddenly take the early, double dip and clobber our pension system.

We have two ongoing oension ru s fro early lump sum contracts.  We can also get earlier retirement, more than expected, the path forward is not smooth, it is decided on the run. And behind all this is the steady retirement of boomers.

The sudden labor movements bodes ill for productivity, volatility becomes the rule. And, remember, a lot of the volatility has to be handled via legislation in Congress, a very risky undertaking. Keep an eye out for three months until Congress gets settled.

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