Thursday, December 8, 2016

The problem with time and the trading pits

In order to bet time, the trader needs a safe rate.  There is such a thing in the trading pits, it is the stable bit error losses of a standard S&L coin issuer.

But it is a tautology, because all the bots to a standard double sided Black-Sholes, and the bit error losses are requantized to random walk. Maximum entropy betting, bet the whole channel according to probability distribution, but any bot can gran that distribution with a scan of the graph.  

The pits always convert time into rarity, and the past becomes a bit fuzzy.  It is like playing the Wythoff game, except the squares are requantized to conserve the local number of grid units.  Each move a trader thinks it has the optimum step, But the re-quantizer take another stab a finding the center of the game, it is a computed outcome.  The ,players float about in orbital limbo.

I think time is going to be traded on a person to person basis and enforced with etherum contracts.  Truckers, ultimately, have to be on some transportation pit, bidding for routes and volume, computing time for them self. Delivery times and pries, those numbers then derived from segmented trading nets. They produce "timely" rates for delivery over time, available to be read by bots.

But the 'timely' and 'derived' is an external risk, it can be priced, but the ethereum enforcement vendor does the jump from probability to time/space. We would be on its ability to derive the jump function.

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