Monday, December 26, 2016

There is no good outcome to Due Process law

If you enforce DXue Process then you jam up most of state governments. cops in Minnesota mandating cash for services not much different then California mandating union payments for wages. Due process, if enforced, will have a very difficult time with the Dill's Act.

That was the problem Sotomayor was dealing with, if county voters prefer blue to pink, then they voted using majority vote  She secures the Dills act, and most of the other racist laws here in California.  But she gives permission for voters to take csh for services, via the cops.  She cannot deny the right of Ramsey County voter to steal from us, it is up to us to avoid Ramsey County.  Nor can Sotomayor complain if illegal informatiuon is rerleased, allowing an arrest.  She has already granted that county voters have the right to decide how sensitive information is handled. See?

The worst outcome for Due Process, is everyone uses it for undue process, make shit up.  And that is the danger with Sotomayor's handling of the issue.  If it is make shit up, then all is fair, it is nullification time, no taxes due.

This is now Sotomayor's third attempt at getting this, and she has generated a pipeline of due process cases.  We cannot have a judicial system in which we each line up for Sotomayor to make shit up.  So, wherever you have a favorable lower court, just go and get the ruing you want, it is your for years as the 15 other DXue Process petitions line up for Sotomayor.

It is like California law, judiciual divinity, whatever the Franciscan said.

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