Thursday, December 1, 2016

These folks are part of the core North American economy

MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) - U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's intervention to stop jobs at a plant in Indiana going to Mexico is typical of what happens in countries that Americans call "banana" republics, a senior Mexican state official said on Thursday.
Carrier, a unit of United Technologies Corp <UTX.N>, said on Thursday that state officials had pledged $7 million in tax breaks to encourage the firm to keep around 1,100 jobs in Indianapolis after Trump stepped in to protect U.S. workers.
A heating and air-conditioning company, Carrier said in February it would cut some 2,100 jobs in closing two Indiana plants and move production near to the city of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, a state bordering Texas in northern Mexico.
On the campaign trail, Trump criticized Carrier and other U.S. companies investing in Mexico as unpatriotic and threatened to impose tariffs on Mexican-made goods as part of his pledge to put "America first."

We can see the problem right away.
These jobs in Mexico meant pats shipments from Texas, and customer shipments to California.  Mix all the bidurectional remittances, and the Swamp just struck a blow to the North American economy.

The secretaries Trump hired need more than typing skills, dump the Ned Meyerson guy, at least.  What Trump is attempting is a jump start, a fix. The entire economy will nudge those Treasury rates up and up until the secretaries learn better typing skills.

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