Friday, December 2, 2016

They will be fighting about a lot more next year

Real Clear Politics: If Senate Republicans stay united, they can confirm President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees without any support from Democrats. But even if the minority party can’t block nominees, its members still plan to turn Trump’s Cabinet choices into a major fight early next year.
The president-elect has nominated about half his Cabinet at this point – plus nominees for ambassador to the United Nations and CIA director – with a number of key positions, including secretary of state, still to be determined. But some of the earliest picks have raised serious red flags for Democrats, who have vowed tough questioning and intense confirmation processes.
I already have three expenses that are unexpected, the interest payment jumped, the student loans are due, and someone has to come up with a huge chunk to pay off the insurance companies.  Add the the extra we need for boomer retirement, they have  bunched up.  Those loans are due in a few months. Congress is likely facing interest costs of twice what they currently pay, and it is a new Congress, a Congress likely unable and unwilling to add.

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