Tuesday, December 6, 2016

This investor should be talking to me

This guy wants to do Singularity 1.0, but has bad advisers who just spout the old IoT horse manure.
 He has the ARM company, he knows a bit about telecom, why not do the Secure Smart Card?  That is the biggest of the IoT things.  If he can't find this blog, then simple, pay me a billion dollars and I will point to my blog. This blog covers all aspects of the banker bot, smart card and trading pits; the essential ingredients of Singularity 1.0.
TOKYO — Masayoshi Son is a Japanese billionaire who wants to control the way your car talks to street lamps.The 59-year-old technology investor — a grandson of South Korean immigrants who has amassed one of Japan’s largest personal fortunes by pursuing grand, Silicon Valley-inspired visions — is best known outside his homeland for buying the American mobile phone carrier Sprint for $21.6 billion in 2013.Now, after a short flirtation with retirement, Mr. Son has embarked on two of the most ambitious projects of his career. He is making his largest acquisition yet: the British microchip designer ARM Holdings, whose products are at the core of most of the world’s smartphones. And he is collaborating with Saudi Arabia’s ruling family to create what could become the world’s largest technology investment fund.His goal is nothing less than to change how the material world works — and to turn his company, the SoftBank Group, into the future’s most important technology business. Specifically, he is planning for a day when millions of everyday objects run on chips and tiny computers that talk to one another — allowing street lamps, for example, to save power by switching themselves off when cars are not around.

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