Thursday, December 8, 2016

Time delay vaults

Bitcoin Vaults: Suppose I designate some of my funds as being in a specially-marked cold storage account, or, let's call them vaults. To pay for things, I need to move them out of my vault to a regular wallet, a process which takes, say, a day. Merchants never accept payments directly from vaults; they use regular Bitcoin addresses, and payments work in the regular, irreversible fashion. But the special thing about vaults is that they come with two keys. One key is used to unlock the vault and move your funds to a regular wallet. The other one, called a recovery key, is used when you notice that your funds were hacked and moved out of the vault by a hacker. You can then use your recovery key to undo the hack -- you have 24 hours to notice and launch the recovery and get back all the funds.Notice that you cannot fool a merchant with this trick and revert a real transaction. All you can do is take back your own money from someone who is trying to steal it. If I may say so myself, it's a pretty ingenious scheme. It's almost like someone ought to work on it.
Hardware vaults are space delay.  The idea is to have a special storage for some digits that take multiple steps to retrieve, adding layers of security.

The fundamental insecurity:

The thefts we are trying to protect are all about stealing private keys so a fake transaction takes place. We shouldn't pass keys around, at all, except we are frail and lose our smart cards.  Hence, to protect ourselves, we have o have a third party somewhere hold a private key.  When we do this, the probability of losing money is much less, but the probability of a key theft is higher. It is a trade, but we can do it much better than Bitcoin currently does.

Vaults and bottlenecks
They go together.  The ultimate store of value is a legal contract to deliver some good at a specified time in the future. But that is a time delay vault, in essence, and will jam the graph as the monetary yield curve requantizes. Most of the discovery, in fact, is about revealing vaults, in a way, that is the job of member banks, entice money money the vault.

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