Thursday, December 15, 2016

Timmy vs Banker bot, again


Any payment application that can compete with Apple’s own Apple Pay will be scrutinized a lot more compared to other applications. That is only to be expected, as the technology giant enjoys offering its locked-down ecosystem to users, and does not want other companies to compete with their offerings. One of those competitors is Samsung, who have their own mobile payment applications.Or to be more precise, Samsung had its own payment apps available to iOS users. Last night, Apple decided to ban Samsung Pay Mini from the Apple App Store for an unknown reason. This is not an entirely surprising decision, although some experts see this as a wrong move by Apple. One could argue that this move will only benefit unfair competition guidelines, and Apple is setting a dangerous precedent by doing so.This new app by Samsung is created specifically for mobile devices that are not Samsung-branded. Under the hood, it offers virtually the same functionality as the regular Samsung Pay app, as consumers can complete transactions with their smartphone. In doing so, the technology company becomes one of the first to make their payment system accessible to other ecosystems.

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