Friday, December 23, 2016

Tradring pits galore

I discover automated trader magazine. Advanced stuff, and I am not surprised that hey understand a lot of the trading pit concept.

They have an article on dark pools in Europe and the regulations.  Reading yhe article they talked about trading blocks of stock,with and without transparent discovery. Then they list a set of ongoing trading pits, they call trading initiatives.  Each one of these pits describe the pit boss boundaries, profit r non-profit, access rules to read the book, minimum transaction times.'

So, it is clear to me that the general probability graph with the python iterator; a structure that can be utilized to book trades by a generic pit boss in a variety of venues.  But each trading bot gets the same familiar python iterator, regardless of the trading venue.

We get a unification, a general approach to trade flows based on congestion, liquidity, and price compression. A trading pit services model for remotely operated trading bots. The sandbox.

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