Friday, December 30, 2016

Tri lemonaders is the better term than currency manipulator

Economists have this holy trinity that is impossible for central bankers, manipulate two separate markets at a time and maintain a bit error that is informationless.  The central banker in the currency market, government bond market, and savings and loan market, though economists have a slightly different mix.

When thre pit boss is shifting bit error back and forth through the seigniorage channel, then the model is the baryon, three color quarks.  The bit error is the residual from the combined trade of all three, it has to be white. The pits, right now, do this indirectly, the pit boss re-invests, and entropy and human nature find the connection and make white/.

There is an algebra for the pit boss to do this, a three way conditional probability with combined compression. I don;t know it, I am at a disadvantage, a smart person can take everything I have described, add that secret ingredient, and become a gazillionaire. Get three way solution, the VCs will jump on it, as you out pace this blog and they don;t worry about me blabbing.. They will fund you, and you might get the Swedish banana for economics.

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