Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Uncovering school construction bribery of the last five years

The school board head is leaving in my hometown, amid an FBI investigation.  But this problem is going to be widespread, thanks to Bernanke.  Ben gave the California pension funds a delusion of stability, so school boards went on a borrow, bribe and construct program across California.  

If FBI is concerned, then they will be spending quite a bit of time out here. But the FBI is late to the scene, the fraud begin with Bernanke.

ABC: The last few years have come with some harsh criticism from several school board members and an investigation by the FBI into whether he took part in illegal lease-leaseback construction agreements.
"All of our board members and senior staff did exactly what the FBI requested of us and since that date, we have not heard a peep," Hanson said.

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