Monday, December 26, 2016

Voters in Ramsey County are thieves and committ armed robbery

Ramsey County is a county located in the U.S. state of Minnesota. As of the 2010 census, the population was 508,640, making it the second-most populous county in Minnesota. Its county seat is St. Paul, which is also Minnesota's state capital.

They are the people above.  But it seems they gave their cops the right to steal: Kevin tells us quoting an NY Rag: They grab someone, take heir money, and the court there say fine and dandy:

But the county kept $25 of Mr. Statham’s money as a “booking fee.” It returned the remaining $21 on a debit card subject to an array of fees. In the end, it cost Mr. Statham $7.25 to withdraw what was left of his money.....Kentucky bills people held in its jails for the costs of incarcerating them, even if all charges are later dismissed. In Colorado, five towns raise more than 30 percent of their revenue from traffic tickets and fines. In Ferguson, Mo., “city officials have consistently set maximizing revenue as the priority for Ferguson’s law enforcement activity,” a Justice Department report found last year.....Through his lawyers, Mr. Statham declined a request for an interview. He lost in the lower courts, which said his right to due process had not been violated by the $25 booking charge or the debit card fees, which were both, the trial judge said, “relatively modest.”

So, what is due process after Sotomayor? I am beginning to agree with here, if voters want to steal, and have the majority vote, let them steal.  My problem is why do we pay taxes to a federal government that does business with thieves.   

Why not have the Senate make a simple rule, if your state deliberately steals from innocent people, by law, then your senators get tarred and feathered.  Why would any Senator want to represent a state that deliberately steals? If I were a senator from Minnesota, I would resign, too embarrassed to represent a bunch of alley thieves.

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