Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We impose excess penalty on the Northeast for global warming

Jerry wants his oil taxes, Texans want oil profits.  Chicago has a rail hub for freight, efficient, and can be made more efficient.  New York does mass transit, but they foul surface transportation.

They deserve a energy transfer, without priors, because of the cold.   Their point is simply, OK, its too warm, come north.  Until that happens, weather should not, a priori, make one region more responsible than another.

Call the energy transfer tax a grand bargain, and say no to all the other crowd at the cookie jar. You get better regional balance, direct federal transfer between state gas taxes, based on median temperature. A much better solution than dispersal of the bureaucracy.

I think the numbers will be an additional ten billion for NE transportation. But we incorporate an additional five billion for a fixed time. If this stops the yawker slop, rednecks will support. It can delay the secession issue.

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