Thursday, December 29, 2016

Well, then Redneck Trading Pits is 4 billion dollar company

Bloomberg: Portfolio managers at hedge funds have another thing to worry about: the $2 million data scientist.Matt Ober, who left WorldQuant for Third Point, will be paid more than $2 million by Dan Loeb’s hedge fund, according to a breach of contract claim filed by his former employer. Ober, 32, who starts next month as Third Point’s chief data scientist, said in a filing that he will be paid a base salary of $200,000, the same as WorldQuant gave him, plus bonuses, and disputed that $2 million in compensation is guaranteed. 

The quant kids mainly remove artificial fixes implanted by delusional humans. Redneck Pits eliminates the ability of humans to deliberately rig the book, a service worth at least a thousand of the unjammer kids. So, just down load Redneck Pits, send me 20 grand a month, and be a happy camper.

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