Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Backing up your smart card in the sandbox

You want to dump your currency digits onto the sandbox, and recover them exactly?

Dump them to the Null pit, under contract with the Null trading bot that does Null with your digits. Except, the null trading bot expects to see a none zero frequency of ongoing thumbprints from you. (all bots report missing thumbprints)

Your digits are safe.  But their significance is not, those digits still suffer currency risk.

Now some currencies are stable, some are trending. The later require continual trading, but you can 'back up'n your digits at their standard S%L, all the time.  , Tell the bot to run  close to amber.  You get the same currency risk.  Any pit boss will come with the standard,and favorite maximum entropy trader bot.  If you have no insider information, just use that one, it is like playing the indices.

If you want on the spot instant backup, then your card ain't got digits, and in every trip to walmart, the line pauses a second for your card to write_a_letter_to_janet(), and clear accounts.

So the rule is, use the sandbox bots mostly and only keep a three day cash supply on your card.

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