Sunday, January 29, 2017

Block chains and smart card, a match made in heaven

Block chains can demonstrate human ownership by public inspection. Smart cards can reveal valid humans by card ID.  The card ID is proof of biometric match, it is generated by one of the cards private keys.

We get anonymity, proof of ownership but identity kept secret util the owner shows up to grab the item.  So, if we modify the block chains in the pit, we permit a bot to put a hold on some amount of block chained asset, gold, for example. If the asset is to be bet, then is is on hold, and double spending is prevented.  But the bot never knows, and never reveals the owner's identity, the card ID in the trading contract is enough to inspect he asset block chain.

So, block chains allow an important functionality, hold and verification in the pit, works great because nothing in the pit cares about identity, just a match. Once a transferable asset is held, it can be chopped and sliced in the pit.  A form of asset backed currency is possible, backed by real assets.  A card holder can agree to share 20% of a rental income for a year, put that on hold, the card will honor the contract subject to bankruptcy.

This is a very risky, but priceable method to convert harder assets into more liquidity.

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