Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Brad on the helicopter

Milken: So, whatever happened to the no-such-thing-as-a-free-lunch adage? A large enough lunch (helicopter drop) would indeed create inflation if the newly created purchasing power exceeded the capacity of the economy to create the extra goods and services demanded.
When Nixon flew, the dollars shower gold bugs. And, yes  indeed we had inflation, for 10 years. The Trump flight will be less bumpy.

How come legislatures are dumb about copter?  

copter is currency risk, it is real. Wealthy voters pay senators for currency insurance, the senators rig the game because voting becomes mal-proportioned.  So, along with insuring currency risk, the senators charge the little browns a 2.5^ ATM fee, we agree to give this to wealthy people because we are little browns and do not maintain proportional voting.

If the senators allow currency risk to  float, then we would be talking about  two money losing dunces, McCain and Schumer.  Better to just lie to the little browns.

Bernanke is still a dunce

Bernanke, who, unlike a majority of policy economists who have spoken out on the subject, favors the use of helicopter money in some circumstances, would directly address the power-independence tension. He would formally assign the Fed the authority to propose the timing and magnitude of money-financed fiscal policy, while giving Congress and the White House the power to determine how the stimulus would be spent – or to veto the initiative.
No, under any helicopter plan devised by MIT Basket Weavers we get the same problem, hey want an asset and liability because MIT idiots cannot do the math unless government provides a free variable.
Because the senate is so confused on the issue, I will up the price on the Redneck System, super delux three color maximum entropy trading pit.  Designed to engineer bond losses for a governments like ares, composed of horrible idiot senators.  Losses ate fully maximum entropy, thus unhedgable.  Losses translate optimally into inflation, without bias, and the identity of the bozo senators who caused the trillion dollar losses are secret, except for McCain and Schumer.

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