Saturday, January 14, 2017

Equality is about the fairness of containerization

The economy solves the containerization problem. It uses a basket algebra thy leyts me ride totyhe store and fill my basket.  The shoes, the bike, the street.  

The bike trip is at maximum entropy, the deliver bot won't beat it, nor the pneumatic tube. ANd with pretty good accuracy, the economy can containerize the shoes, bike, groceries; using me as a' prime divisor'. Up thechain, all transactions actually adjust their shopping quants to maintain the basket algebra.  And sometimes technology changes baskey algebras.

At transaction costs zero, this is an automated process, it is unowned at equilibrium.  That was sort of the promise of open source code, ultimately, this is transaction cost zero software, and ultimately it is all about running coherence convolution,.   

For example, Facebook has my text because they snooped my kitten video addiction, they got my kittten video probability grapoh and can match a coherent ad probability graph, optimizing my time on facebook while collecting pennies.

.But their technology is simple open source semantic graph convolutions, the result formatted to my screen using same methods.  Little of this capital intensive, except connections and switching.  And mostly it is automated.   The most complicated part is running in new startup companies who capture the various addictions.  We could actually automate that; write a process that locates and segments addiction channels for monetizatiuon. Ultimately, tycoons created when all they really do is regulate traffic flow on the web.

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