Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get your own news bot

Facebook, Snapchat Deals Produce Meager Results for News Outlets

The deal here  is that Zuckberg got our text. So Zuckerberg makes this intelligent bot, a semantic graph processor actually. A semantic graph processor is like a trading pit that is mobile, moves over the bid/ask network, and cannot price.

Anyway, Zuckerberg makes this neet presentation bot, it can mix news stories, kitten videos, and my text onto my screen quite nicely.  So I am addicted to kitten videos, and I get to use Zuckerbergs presentation bot.

So, news papers, make a friggen bot. Call me, for a  million dollars I will find the staff,the geeks, and the technology which we already have.  I will make a presentation bot market, an entire friggen industry devoted to new reporters and their desire to make fake news.

Then each news paper can have their own presentation bots and mix their own news, our text, and other new to make really great fake news and I will be addicted. We can tailor the bots, inherit and replace the standard themes.  You want a bot for socialists, delusionalists, monotenarians, or lesbians; we got a bot flavor four your news reader.  Just click the icon, you rent the bot and read whatever fakery pleases you.  Make news fun will be yhe market motto.  

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