Monday, January 30, 2017

Getting real on the Middle East Jihadi wars

The sold called political correcters think they have science on their side.  What does science say?

Science says that as soon as the African great apes could stand and trow a rock, they headed north.  Out of  Africa, the path involved evolution. Most of the evolution happens in the Middle East and Egypt.

Here is a clue.  The science does not say that this evolutionary process has stopped.  The young Swedish maiden did not survive the process only to discover the infinite pearl of wisdom at the ice line. No, she is still facing the northern evolutionary migration.

Is this racist, anyi Black?

Equatorial climates yield equatorial cultures and economies. African are simply humans who did not go north.  When Africans go north,they do so to work sophisticated supply chains in northern Germany.  When Germans go south, they do so to grow bananas,it is climate.

But underneath, the evolutionary process lingers, never goes away.  There is always this slight edge that favors mass migration through Egypt and fist fights forever,

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