Saturday, January 14, 2017

If Redneck was a traditional start up

If I was polite and bathed more frequently, for example, what would Redneck look like?

I would be marketing smart card and trading pit to the wealthy 400. I would have a team of the top python programmers, and a pre-order of a thousand solid hardware wallets for peer to peer.  Redneck would sign most of the wealthy up. Redneck would be worth 10 billion.
But then it crashes.  

That model misses the guy on the bike,he is at maximum entropy, and the true sustainable wealth is a breathing part of the containerization algebra, starting with the bike trip to the corner store. That trip must connect to the wealth portfolio.  
That guy on the bike needs smart card first, and one of these hardware wallet vendors is going to hit it big.

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