Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Loan deposit matching

A town like mine has the most common container, and arm full, equivalent to a bike basket full.  The next container up is the car seat.

Under our sandbox assumptions, the S&L probability system will see each transaction.  This bot thinks the world is a made of four different container sizes, large containers are rarer. So it is seeing this stream of deposits and loans, and organizes them, independently into probability trees, such that, over the window size, the  -prLn(pr) are all within one among the bins,  The bot has a digit system, one for each stream (loan or deposit). That is, neither coding tree will jam.

The bot reasons that these containers are sticky, clever bot, so if bit error is minimized, the bot can due no better than assuming a median loan and a median deposit for each of the loans.  So, right then and there, under the rules, deposits increase a bit, loans decrease as the bot just adjusted the bin system.

How much are the medians squeezed together?  .Adds and subtract paid according to sihma weighted distance from the median. The payments come to and from the bit error account. The pay off biased by the median differences. keeping bit error contained..

The idea here is simple, if I am not using my bike basket such that it is mostly full, I pay a price in my savings account.  And, I will occasionally fill the thing to the brim and pay extra on my loans.

How can I do tyhis in my little town?
Under the assumptions, we all got smart cards, so I am reserving a oit from Google. It is all setup, I just  get my fellow bikers and fellow store owners to all tap the icon, and away we go, local coin.  The pit boss is limited to $500 in bit error. The members have an account limit before they clear their local coin account with tax coins. Owners and bikers can both earn on deposits.  Most of us would keep a net of 1-2 times the local median price of a basket. in the local account, We could buy as needed with modest probability of leaving a deficit or surplus..

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