Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Making it easy for the California Supremes

The understood rule from the Dills Act should have been:

The pension agreement in effect is the one negotiated by the union.  That was the major assumption in the Dill's, not that my pensions is guaranteed by Divinity, no, it is guaranteed by the union contract, which is term limited.

Application, according to the Dead Dill's is simple, did the government agency change your pension according to the current contract?  If the government agency and the unions negotiatef a different contract, limiting your previous pension, then your previous pension gets net present valued and you adopt the new pension. 

Do not cry to the courts for something your union agreed to, that is going too far.  The rest of us are forced, by law, to accept union edict, except union workers?  That is too far, why not just make all of us non-union folks wear five pound weight all day.

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