Saturday, January 28, 2017

Piling up the money

American tax dollars are returning via several channels, and ending up where? On account of the big investment banks who are currently negotiating Trump's ten year rate. In other words, Ned Ryerson and the team are going through the normal rate rigging that happens each regime change.

Ned and yhe team, with one exception, all of them know nothing more about financing than playing the government price fixes.  One of them is a fair trader.

What is that ten year rate? The cost of government money, the senate makes decisions with ten years of ripple, sorry about that.  Hence no matter what, they have a fixed term, ten years; and the big banks force them to agree to sequential payments.  These payments are around 450 billion now, but are expected to go up to 800 billion.

The fixed cost is yo cover the recurring fee for all the money losing enterprises the senators =engaged in in the pasty.  Reagan's failed bombers, screwed up F-35, S&L bailouts, bonehead  Obamacare, pubic sector pension promises, worthless stimulus.    The wealthy get yo go to the Swamp and fix rates, government  (you and I) cover their currency risk, but we pay the 2.5%$ ATM fee.

So, the range is now 2 to 2.5, and the wealthy will soon bargain for a bonus payment on the debt due to helicopter threat. At that point,. all hell breaks loose.

If I were you, I would blame two people, McCain and Schumer, for no other reason than they are typically responsible.


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