Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Road fees and sidewalk fees under due process

We have a problem. Having the cops stop pedestrians and take a fixed tax from them should be legal as long as we can legislate toll fees on our roads with toll cops.

How is the one different that the other? It is not.  There is no Due Process issue, the citizens exercised free speech and fair voting, approved the law and publicly announced it to warn folks. If the law is applied unfairly, that is the cops breaking the defined law, and subject to criminal and civil suit.  It is not a due process issue, the cops simply cheated you and broke the defined law.

Due process either specified a distinguished right or not.  It is nothing if it simply says we should protect rights already reserved. Whatever the relationship between race and due process is superseded by the constitutional Civil Rights Act.  There is nothing left for due process except make shit up, a bad precedent.

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