Friday, January 20, 2017

Running social security in the sandbox

SS is a mandatory savings plan.  Mandatory SS in the box means 100 million workers are required, by law, to thumbprint an agreement with the SS administration. All parties are smart card endpoints, the contract is enforced upon thumbprint.

The government finds rule breakers the usual way, tracking them down at the smart contract layer. Government snoops can pick up no more than circumstantial evidence from the box, which is observable only as a set of probability distributions.

The SS pit boss is not a contract, it is subject to legislative change.  Also, it is not likely to trade in anything but the tax dollar. If the senators keep the central bank process, he the SS administration would be a permanent member bank, but still in the box.  The senators will define the rules in a competitive multi currency world.

In my opinion, if the  middle class wants social security, then simple create the mandatory SS trading pit, multi-currency, savings and loan, running very narrowly abut amber.   Deposits and loans are mandatory about some typical, but the pit boss will make currency risk adjustments to deposits and loans in both directional such that the bit error residual follows the law.  We get selected and restricted trading bits, sure.  But, as long as the age and wage boundaries are fairly smooth, each participant sees a slightly irregular liquidity events.

The thing is, about the senators.  When they screw up, take a loss, the box is going to figure it out a lot sooner than they will. The box will contains the hedges for senator mis-steps, and the hedges appear equally available.  So, just have SS go with the box, in ts entirety, The connectivity between multiple trading pits make them easily clustered, and the python folks will have any set up running smoothly..

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