Monday, January 23, 2017

Seignorge is priceable

Money and Banking: But a currency is a public good with network effects: the more widely it is used, the more useful it is. And, in a country that has maintained price stability, there is no reason for the public to give up the enormous benefits that come both from the seignorage revenue they obtain and from the safety provided by a means of payment whose value is guarded by a vigilant government.
This is the view of the financial professors.  But, as they point out, bitcoin exists to solve the Yuan capital control problem, a problem caused by government monopoly control over seignorage.

We have the capability to hedge seignorage, but the financial profs have no model for seignorage, they are into three color, and I know they don;t get it.  QE was well hedged.  Evidence cited numerous times show that the central bank is following, not leading, some 85% of the time.

The new money technology does not require seignorge, the S&L is autotraded, there is no leakage out the back end; all is priceable, at zero cost. 

The government coin simply crosses the eyes and dots the tees in the sandbox.

We know the government crypto coin is coming, we do not know the specifics. Is it fedwire for all? a block chain of high powered money? or the Fecoin as currently defined? a coin  with built in taxes? 

It is immaterial to the sandbox, the government coin slightly alters the architecture of secure counting, the definition of a multi-coin wrapper changes slightly so the government coin is very efficient.  In doing so, giovernment releases Smart Card, definition 1.0, including full security. 

PBOCcoin, for example, it is almost announced. We know ythat PBOC coin has the government fix, it doean;t matter.  The gvernment fix becomes a thumprinted option for other oins, the sandbox technology cannot have the capability of enforcing the government fix, it can only price the government fix  using multiple currencies as necessary.


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