Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Simple copters for the Senators

Keep it simple.  The Senators have the right to coin, and they have the utter freedom of the sandbox; they will be flying the outbound copter.   Flying the outbound helicopter to deliver bond defaults is a no brainer, they own the tax coin!

Just take the standard python S&L pit boss, add a bond loss function, and run it with the Fedcoin.
The bond loss functions runs with the probability of losses in the red, bit error is going to get lost forever to the lucky depositors, imprecision is the lucky part.

Whenever the senators feel like a default,  they have Treasury dump some bonds in the bond loss pit, the bonds will be amortized along the probability surface and turned into true inflation. The senators can do their own Taylor rule.

This is no brainer for the Redneck Trading Systems, and our competitors are rapidly catching on. The new trading technology will certainly be adopted by the Senators, the sandbox offers near unlimited fair, honest and smoothly priced trading, a huge leap over paper.

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