Sunday, January 22, 2017

Small, valuable items get shipped

As a result, the pattern for brick and mortar has changed resulting higher transportation costs per item purchased in store.
Department stores, which were hit hard by plunging shopper traffic and sales declines, are now on pace for "the worst results  since the recession," according to Morgan Stanley analysts.  It's not like people weren't spending money over the holidays.In fact, overall holiday spending rose 4% in the US to $658.3 billion, compared to last year, according to the NRF. That number includes $122.9 billion in online sales, which jumped 12.6% over last year.This highlights a big problem in retail: many department stores and big-box retailers are still primarily reliant on in-store sales for revenue, when all the holiday spending growth is happening online. 
DeliverBot  solves the problem by moving goods for multiple customers over the last mile.

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