Sunday, January 1, 2017

So, which poor El Monte perple voted to give their money to wealthy pensioners?

How El Monte went broke, via Zero Hedge quoting the LA Times:

 The idea for the supplemental plan arose in 2000, after the city council granted El Monte police officers the right to retire with up to 90% of their highest salary guaranteed for life. But it created a gap between El Monte police and the city’s non-uniformed employees: Under CalPERS rules, civilian pensions were capped at two-thirds of final salary. It would boost civilians’ retirement checks by 50% and put their pensions nearly on a par with police. 
The city council approved the idea in May 2000, unanimously and without public debate. Johanson retired three years later, at 58. Today, he is the top beneficiary of the program he championed, collecting a combined pension of more than $250,000 per year, state and city records show. That puts him in the top one-hundredth of one percent of all public pension recipients in California. 

We know what happened, the Natiuonal Dem Patrty told us folks to vote Dem down the line, as there was all this social support from some Magic Swamp, so we El monte voters voted Dem down the line.

 One of the items we voted for in El Monte, was a rule that allowed Gray Davis and his buddies to steal all they want, rule of divinity an all that. Who of us on El Monte bought into that line? Why 72% of the race there are Nancy;s little brown people, what do you know.  Native Californians who believe in the law of divinity and decide they would rather be poor as long as they can worship Nancy.

So, here is my message to us native California Little Brown People.  The Law of Divinity  will make you poor, so poor you have no place to go except the streets.  Dems, the national party has a history of ripping off little brown people, just look at Chicago, that is California's future.

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