Monday, January 2, 2017

The farthest look generates the noisiest view

Krugman, via ZH: "I know that many people are still trying to convince themselves that the incoming administration will govern normally, despite the obviously undemocratic instincts of the new commander in chief and the questionable legitimacy of the process that brought him to power... But let’s get real. Everything we know suggests that we’re entering an era of epic corruption and contempt for the rule of law, with no restraint whatsoever..."

Paul, we got a Yawker, you know them well.  If we had picked one of California's affirmative action Senators, I would be freaking right now. Sotomayor scares the bejesus out of me,being stranded in California.

At least.  I got an iron clad agreement that never again will some California nut become mayor of Swamp, and that means I never have political panic attacks leading to acute psychosis, thank god.  It is had work separatibng the Swamp insanity from our everyday lives.

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