Thursday, January 12, 2017

The government tax dollar is uncompetetive

Therein is the dilemma.  The requirement to deliver 4% of GDP, in interest paid dollars, for the indefinite future? There is no way that is enforceable.  That is an ATM fee, but high school kids with python abilities can duplicate cash for an unmeasurably low cost.

Just look at China's problem with Bitcoin.  They have this hedge scam going to cover the SOE debts, but bitcoin simply took it away.  You have the Swamp introducing hedges, insiders getting the gain, then middle class stuck with the permanent interest payments.

The yuan first, then the Euro then the dollar; they will all be replaced by he sandpit.  The  government folks can dream all they want, plot, plan, implement some  idea that government tax collectors will be hiding inside pure cash.  It is not going to happen, and the delusion is going to make for war crime, actually, like India writ large.

Millions of the little browns, all secure that the priest has magic, at a 4% ATM charge? Nope, they will be drawn into the wrong path and get caught in the stampede.


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