Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The key point about government defaults in the sand box

The lost digits are remembered as a chaotic bit error stream, the losses are no longer traceable.  That makes it a true default.\

Under the current system we know who is mostly responsible, Texas and the Bushies, Reagan and the Californians.  You will never get national unity, a bunch of poor slobs trekking out of Illinois will be blaming either California or Texas all the way. It is on the record.

So default as a barely predictable random trend. The sandbox can make that happen. The Senate can periodically vote to curse  the bonehead large states that foul the system, then default. Send a request to the sandbox, the bond loss machine will buy a bond, then put it on the graph for conversion into bit error, poof, its gone, gone directly to inflation. Eventually voters will figure it out and abolish the Senate, or force the ASouthwest out of the union.

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